Peach State Health Plan Peach Care for Kids Program Non-Emergency Transportation

Children enrolled in Georgia’s Peach Care for Kids Program through Peach State Health Plan may be eligible for free transportation to qualified medical services. Southeastrans authorizes and coordinates non-emergency medical transportation services for eligible children who live in the Atlanta, Central and Southwest Peach Care for Kids Regions.


Click to view your regionFor Transportation Reservations Call:   
(click on map to view your region)
1-800-657-9965 (Toll-free)
404-305-3501 (Atlanta Calling Area)

Peach Care for Kids Transportation Guidelines:

  • • Emergency transportation is not covered under this program.                    
  • • Only non-emergency transportation that does not require                            (click to view your region)
    medical care enroute is a covered benefit.                                                       
  • • This is a shared-ride program (multiple members may be riding in the same vehicle).
  • • Transportation requests for routine medical appointments must be made three days in advance.
  • • Only transportation to covered medical services will be authorized.
  • • Southeastrans will verify member appointments prior to the scheduled transportation date.
  • • Transportations requests must be made by the member, an adult family member or guardian on behalf of minor covered members, or by licensed health care professionals on behalf of members.
  • • Transportation will not be authorized if the member has access to transportation resources within their home.
  • • Southeastrans will utilize the lowest cost, most appropriate mode of transportation.
  • • Southeastrans utilizes the following modes of transportation:
  •         Mini-bus, Wheelchair van, Stretcher van, Public Transit , Gas reimbursement,
    Taxi cab (urgent care only)
  • • Only one escort may accompany each eligible member.
  • • Approved urgent care transportation requests will be accommodated within 3-hours.
  • • Timely pick-up is defined as 10 minutes before or after scheduled pick-up time.
  • • Timely drop-off is defined as 15 minutes before or after scheduled appointment time.
  • • For return trips, a transportation provider has one hour from the time of notification to pick-up the member.

This transportation program is limited to children enrolled in Peach Care for Kids through Peach State Health Plan. Peach Care for Kids members enrolled with other managed-care companies should contact their managed care company for information about transportation services. Adults enrolled with Peach State Health Plan should contact the designated Georgia Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Broker for their area.

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