Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for BlueCare® and TennCareSelect Members

Southeastrans provides services for non-emergency transportation to BlueCare and TennCareSelect members. If you have no way to get to your covered health services, you can call to get a ride.

 This is a shared-ride service. More than one person going to an appointment may ride together in the same vehicle.

 If needed, one person may ride with you to your appointment. These arrangements must be made when the trip is scheduled.

TennCare Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Using Bus Passes

Southeastrans now offers transportation by bus pass in some cities with established transit systems.  Use the links below for more details.


Making Transportation Arrangements

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To get a ride in Tennessee, call the number listed below for your health care plan and location.

For BlueCare Members:
    East Grand Region 1-866-473-7563
    West Grand Region 1-866-473-7564
    Middle Grand Region 1-866-570-9445


For TennCareSelect Members:
Statewide 1-866-473-7565

This is a free call. Phone lines are open 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Trips should be scheduled 72 hours in advance whenever possible.

Information We Will Need

When calling to make transportation arrangements, please have the following information ready for the Customer Service Representative:

  • • Your name, phone number and extension
  • • Your facility’s name and address
  • • The member’s full name as it appears on his/her TennCare Member ID Card
  • • The member’s home address (including County)
  • • The member’s social security number
  • • The member’s TennCare ID number, county of origin and month of eligibility
  • • The member’s date of birth
  • •The member’s room number (for stretcher patients only)
  • • An emergency contact person with phone number for the member
  • • Name of contact person at the location to which the member is being transported
  • • Type of service required: ambulatory, wheelchair or stretcher
  • • Any special needs the member may have. This includes a mental or physical disability or the need for an escort.

Canceling or Changing Transportation Arrangements

If you need to change or cancel your ride, please call Southeastrans as soon as possible.

Important Transportation Provider Notice

Southeastrans is only responsible for transporting members and assisting as they board and exit the vehicle. Any additional activities are the responsibility of the facility. We are not required to remain with the member.  The NEMT drivers are only required to wait for a member at specific pick-up areas for five minutes.

When calling about a pick-up from a doctor’s office, be sure to tell the Customer Service Representative exactly where the member will be waiting. The driver will wait for the member in this specific area only.

Please be sure the member is ready when the driver is scheduled to arrive. This will help things move quickly..

How to contact Southeatrans:

Tennessee Office:

            Southeastrans, Inc.
            5751 Uptain Road, Suite 300
            Chattanooga, TN 37411
           (423) 893-8282

Corporate Office:
           Southeastrans, Inc.
           4751 Best Road, Suite 140
           Atlanta, GA 30337
           (678) 510-4600

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